Project Fleri

Project Fleri (Kreyol for "Flourish") is our program for feeding children in some of the most vulnerable communities in Haiti. The compound effects of multiple crises are devastating communities across Haiti. COVID-19, an economy already in free fall, droughts and intense tropical storms, gang violence and chronic instability are not only raising levels of hunger in Haiti but leading to increased levels of severe child malnutrition. Through our indigenous ministry partner, the Société Chritiénne d’Haiti (SCH), the Collective feeds more than 600 children through eight lower-level Christian schools operated by SCH. Children who participate in our nutrition program receive a gospel centered education and one nutritious meal each weekday.

Will you consider partnering with us to help feed a child? 

Our feeding program is made possible through partnership with Mission of Hope, the largest NGO in Haiti. Mission of Hope imports prepackaged meals from Feed My Starving Children, Food for the Poor, and Convoy of Hope and distributes them through organizations like ours through the Haiti One Nutrition Club.

$7.00 will feed ONE child for a month

$35 will feed FIVE children for a month

$84.00 will feed ONE child for an ENTIRE YEAR 


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