Empowering Haitian churches and communities through strategic partnerships for kingdom advance.

Serving the poorest country in the western hemisphere.


The work we have been given to do did not begin with us, and we pray it will not end with us. God sovereignly opened the door, presented the opportunity, and since then has been kind to direct us in the work we strongly believe He has called us to do. Our mission is to make much of Jesus in all that we do in Haiti for the sake of the gospel. Whether it is orphan care, theological education, business development, or medical programs, what we want more than anything else is for Haitians to love God supremely and love one another sacrificially.

Therefore, our mission is to bring genuine, lasting transformation to individuals and communities through the life-changing power of the gospel. Living out the implications of their identity in Christ and applying the gospel to every sphere of existence, we believe our mission is to see the invisible kingdom of God made visible through local churches as God makes all things new.

Undoubtedly some will say, “Why are you giving your life for a country that is in such bad shape? Haiti is a waste of time and money.” Our answer is not in a business plan or marketing strategy. Our answer is in a promise. Jesus said He would build His church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. God promises that His name would be treasured among every nation, tongue, and tribe, and it is God’s passion for His own glory that fuels our own. When we labor with our Haitian brothers and sisters, we see the hope that is in a resurrected Savior. When we hold an orphaned child, we feel the love of God for the fatherless. We are beyond convinced that our mission is worthy and our vision necessary. We pray you will join us go venture on God’s promises as we seek to fulfill God’s purposes for our organization!

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