Training Pastors and Leaders
Most pastors in Haiti are not well trained or prepared to lead churches

It is our desire to develop strong leaders who can lead small, yet growing congregations. They need theological training and encouragement, but they also need to develop other leadership skills necessary for helping their churches move forward.

The Haiti Collective sponsors monthly pastor and church leader training meetings.  These gatherings are a time for worship, encouragement and instruction.

In addition we sponsor an annual training conference which coincides with SCH's annual summer convention. When conditions allow, pastors from our US partner churches participate in person to lead teaching sessions, conduct question and answer sessions and preach during worship services. When we are unable to attend in person, we provide pre-recorded videos containing sermons that are played throughout the week. 

The Haiti Collective provides theologically sound books translated into French or Creole to help pastors build up a library of resources to help them in preaching and pastoring their congregations.

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