Our partner organization in Haiti, Société Chritiénne d’Haiti (SCH) operates eight schools for children of the poorest of the poor in the communities of Calas, Desarmes, Desdunes, Drouin, L’Estere, Mapou Lagon, Saint Marc and Port-de-Paix. School sponsorships enable these schools to provide vulnerable children a subsidized or free education and one nutritious meal each day. Sponsors can select which church school they would like to support and will be able to register for one-time or recurring donations.

Sponsorship donations are used to buy food for the nutrition program, pay cooks and teachers, provide teacher training and buy educational resources for classrooms. The sponsorship program has multiple benefits – children receive food and a gospel centered education, and teachers and cooks receive stipends to help them care for their families.

There is no specific donation amount required to be a participant in the school sponsorship program. The amount of your one-time or recurring donation can be any amount you choose. However, for monthly donors we suggest an amount of $40.


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