Church partnerships are the heart and soul of The Haiti Collective. Virtually everything we do in Haiti is through Haitian churches, including orphan care, leadership development, education, medical care, and community empowerment. We believe the local churches provide the best vehicle to deliver lasting change and transformation to individuals and communities, and because of the church’s submission to Christ as Lord, we believe the best stewardship of effort, time, and resources are administered through the local church.

Generally speaking, the mission of local churches are to make disciples, train leaders, and plant new churches. The Haitian churches we work with have demonstrated a strong commitment to this mission. Additionally, the Haitian churches have also taken up the responsibility to care for the fatherless with each church facilitating a school for orphans and vulnerable children in their community. Included in their efforts to educate orphans, they have also provided food security, clean water, and most importantly, the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and believe in the gospel.

At the center of THC as an organization is a collective of US churches with a long-term commitment to Haitian churches. Our work in Haiti is directly tied to an indigenous network of churches affiliated with Société Chrétienne D'haiti (SCH), whose founder and president is Pastor Odanis Joseph. Currently, there are 12 Haitian churches across the country affiliated with SCH, the majority of which were planted by Pastor Joseph and those whom he trained under his ministry (some affiliated as existing churches).